There are 3 kinds of goals. For the purposes of this letter there are 3 goals anyway. 1. micro goal. 2. target goal 3. stretch goal Let me talk about something we can all relate to: exercise. Most teachers are in need of more exercise and they know it. No one has to tell them.… Read More

When a Teacher Farts...

If you haven’t broken the wind in class yet, you’ve just not been teaching that long. See, one day, you’re going to kill the air.  (When a teacher farts, it’s funny.) It happened to me just a few days ago. It was one of those SBDs (silent but deadly). And it just wouldn’t have been… Read More

share what excites you

After a long day of teaching kids (and the last period is always the hardest), I get to the drama rehearsal room and walk into the sunshine. No matter how hard the day was, working with actors is always a blessing to me. I get to do what excites me! Something about me sharing my… Read More

powerful teaching strategies

You go to trainings. You read books. You went to college. You’ve been to a few fancy 2 or 3 day conferences. And you learned powerful teaching strategies in all of those places. Then, admit it, you forget to use them. The first time you hear it, you are gung-ho, thinking, ” This is gonna… Read More