be nice

Stuff happens. And teachers get upset. But I hate it when I hear teachers say things like this. I’ve heard this and others like it. One of my favorite education writers, Spence Rogers says, “Dignify, dignify, dignify.” I saw the assistant principal do this today when he was dealing with a sticky situation. He reminded… Read More

The Dodgers Matter

I’m a Dodger fan. And here’s the funny thing. I haven’t watched a game in over 20 years. But I used to live about 30 minutes from the park. I liked to go early, sit in the bleacher section, turn on the radio, and watch batting practice. The food was great. And I’m talking about hot… Read More

Can Brangelina boost your teaching?

What is it about celebrity romances and pairings that keep our interests? I have to admit that I pay attention to this stuff (but act like I don’t). So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up. That’s the story. I’m not sure why it’s news. High profile celebrities usually do break up. It’s true… Read More

The Honeymoon Ain't Gonna Last

One day students seem to be hanging on your every word. Then… Your voice just became Charlie Brown adult over-chatter. If you don’t know what I  mean, look up one of the old Peanuts cartoons and watch it for a few minutes. Whenever a teacher or parent talks in the cartoon, it comes out as, “Wa… Read More