The Honeymoon Ain't Gonna Last

One day studentsĀ seem to be hanging on your every word. Then… Your voice just became Charlie Brown adult over-chatter. If you don’t know what IĀ  mean, look up one of the old Peanuts cartoons and watch it for a few minutes. Whenever a teacher or parent talks in the cartoon, it comes out as, “Wa… Read More

What's Fun Go to Do With It?

*Note – This article first appeared as an email to the Stress Relief 4 Teachers email list. A respondent to the Teacher Stress Survey had a complaint. And it got my attention. The survey asks you to explain what your biggest challenge is in teaching right now. He said that newer teaching methods expect lessons… Read More

How to not break the break...

Start exercising 5 days a week Get good nutrition Practice Reflecting Create brain breaks for your students Get 7 or 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night Get Some Sun Create Fun Learning Activities For Your Students To Do How to write stories that teach your content Find comics that connect with your content… Read More