You are a person. A whole person. You need to de-stress your whole person. How are you feeling today? Some teachers exercise on a regular basis. Some teachers get plenty of sleep. Some teachers eat a diet with a high nutrient density. Some teachers are reflective on a regular basis. Some teachers are good… Read More

I’ve been through it. I never realized how important Twitter was to me as an educator until it was gone. It happened like this… I moved out to the country with an unreliable cell phone signal. Dropped calls and signals are the norm. Simply getting no connection at all was normal too. Then, a new… Read More

be nice

Stuff happens. And teachers get upset. But I hate it when I hear teachers say things like this. I’ve heard this and others like it. One of my favorite education writers, Spence Rogers says, “Dignify, dignify, dignify.” I saw the assistant principal do this today when he was dealing with a sticky situation. He reminded… Read More