I was finally ready to listen. They said I had to exercise. Ugh! I didn’t hate exercise, but I had a bad habit of hurting myself at the gym. So I decided to walk. I figured I wasn’t likely to hurt myself if I just walk.    I also reasoned like so: I am a… Read More


The green smoothie has been the cornerstone of my stress relief, nutritionally speaking. It started with reading Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko. And though I found her approach to be more radical than I could stomach, (bad pun, sorry) I credit her and her fascinating family with moving me from being unwilling to eat… Read More


To deal with stress, deal with nutrition. What I eat either helps me deal with stress or leaves me exposed to whatever comes along. Stress that sends me to the moon on a regular basis tells me that I need to examine what I eat. Open confession: I like Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s work on nutrition. Here’s… Read More


Short and to the point: I want to be fat and happy.  But that’s really an oxymoron because when I’m fat, I’m not happy. My body is filled with inflammatory impulses; I hurt and get sick. If I get to pick one, I would rather be happy (read unstressed). As I try to achieve this… Read More