when a teacher fartsIf you haven’t broken the wind in class yet, you’ve just not been teaching that long.

See, one day, you’re going to kill the air.  (When a teacher farts, it’s funny.)

It happened to me just a few days ago. It was one of those SBDs (silent but deadly).

And it just wouldn’t have been right to let a student take the blame.

So I admitted it.

I just said, “I’m feeling a little gassy today.”

And the room rolled on the floor laughing.

I realized that they had never heard a teacher say something like that before.

When a teacher farts, it can become a relationship building moment.

The ironic thing was that I was just getting on a kid earlier in the day for slicing the silence.

There are times when it’s an accident, and then, there are those when it’s all about the attention. His infraction was the latter.

So yes, I farted, and I admitted it to my class.

And now we’re closer.

Teachers make lots of mistakes.

I’ve made a bunch.

I’ve heard a lot of teachers lie to students. And I understand why they do. I’m not saying that I’m so angelic that I’ve never done it. Here’s the one that I have a hard time avoiding when grades get turned in 2 weeks before school lets out.

I used to give tests at the end of the year. I’m not nearly so interested in doing that anymore because I don’t want to lie to my kids when they say, “Is this going in the grade book?”

(It’s better to do fun activities anyway.)

Some students are experts at picking up on lies. Others not so much.

When you lie, you get students who don’t trust teachers because so many have lied to them.

Another kind is this… “I’m going to call all of your parents.”

It comes from frustration. I know.

But it isn’t true. You’re not going to call ALL of their parents.

Tell them the truth. “I’m going to call some parents about this.” Then do it. And call the parents of the kids who are getting it right too.

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